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A flow chart of 6 different social media icons - Twitter, RSS Feeds, LinkedIn, which lead to Google+ and Facebook, which lead to YouTube.

Choose Your Top 3 Winning Social Platforms

Choose Your Top 3 Winning Social Platforms

Choose Your Top 3 Winning Social Platforms

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When it comes to social media, there’s the temptation to try and be everything to everyone, and the result often satisfies no one. It’s hard to select which social media platforms you want to combine to form a winning social strategy. How do you set your team up for success? Ideally all your social platforms are humming along and getting the results you want, but we know that without establishing core strengths, your social strategy could be spreading your resources too thin.

I’ve listed below six social platforms along with their core attributes and I’d like you to identify the only three that you feel your organization can dominate:


Facebook can function as the first face your customers can visit. Its friendly consumer sensibility can help provide a place to post pictures, videos and even track events. Facebook plays well with other social platforms and can host YouTube videos, images (including Instagram), and X (Twitter) feeds.

X (Twitter)

X’s strength is providing near real-time communication. Posts can be scheduled in advance with tools like Hootsuite. Alternatively, X can spread news like a wildfire assembling followers of trending topics.


YouTube can be a winner for you if you have a visual story to tell. Vibrant personalities can bring brand name recognition to video and create an experience worth sharing. It helps deliver on feeling and emotion where words can’t.


Blogs are another social platform that can boost views. Choose a thought leader to advise on the vision and content of what is said. Blogs are versatile too. They allow multiple team members to contribute their expertise on a variety of different topics, providing unique voices and perspectives.

Articles for Sharing

A well-executed article brings the reader up the learning curve fast and ideally causes them to take action. When articles are built correctly, customers will vote for more in the form of likes, favourites, and shares.


LinkedIn can be the forum to target effective professional to professional communication, especially for sharing content and links. Engagement via professional channels like advisors or brokers can make a start from a position of credibility.


Pick your Top three

Resist the temptation to spread your social resources too thinly. As social media changes, some platforms are here today, gone tomorrow. Keep three platforms as a focus, make the content worth consuming, and keep a presence in three others, so you can be ready to shift as needed. By concentrating on your organization’s core social platforms, you and your social team will ultimately create a winning strategy built on strength.

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