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Getting The Most Out Of LinkedIn – The Do’s And Don’ts

Getting The Most Out Of LinkedIn – The Do’s And Don’ts

Getting The Most Out Of LinkedIn – The Do’s And Don’ts

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Are you getting the most out of what LinkedIn has to offer? Yes, the majority of us have a LinkedIn account, but can you really say you are using the social network to its truest potential? Maybe your profile consists of just the basics, and your real intention is to use the social network site for job hunting, or lead generating? Well, there is so much more to LinkedIn than that. The following is a list of some helpful LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts to ensure that you’re getting the most out of this popular social network.

LinkedIn Do... Join Groups

There are groups for almost any topic available to join on LinkedIn. They can range from groups for specific job titles or industries, to personal interests, and events. Joining a group or two, is a great way to network and connect with other like-minded individuals. And, the great thing about LinkedIn groups is that if you can’t find the one you’re looking for, you can create it yourself!


LinkedIn Don’t... Be a Wallflower

Joining a group is just the first step. Once you’re in, you should start discussions and comment on other members’ posts. Keeping an open line of communication is an easy way to expand your professional network and get noticed.

LinkedIn Do... Create A Company Page

While you likely have a personal profile, if you own a business, create a specific Company Page. This will allow potential clients and employees to find your business and follow your company for updates and news. Make sure you’re regularly adding to it by posting relevant content and sharing updates. Users that follow your company will see these posts on their homepage.

LinkedIn Don’t... Post Exclusively About Your Company

Although you may be tempted to only share company-specific updates and news through your Company Page, consider including other related material. Sharing marketing principles and other content related to your brand but not specifically mentioning your company will provide more insight into your brand without overtly advertising it. Think about content your target audience would be interested in and share that along with news focused on your business.

LinkedIn Do... Keep Your Finger On Pulse

LinkedIn offers a ‘news and insights’ section called Pulse. Through Pulse, you’ll find posts and articles on a variety of topics from thought leaders and content publishers. New content is published daily and you can customise what you see by choosing who and what to follow. Pulse helps you stay on top of industry-related news.

LinkedIn Don’t... Just Consume Content

Through Pulse, you can also publish posts. If you’re writing blogs, articles or any other industry related content, consider publishing it through LinkedIn too. When you do publish content, each person in your network gets a notification, leading to increased view, reads and shares.


LinkedIn Do... Make Sure Your Profile Is Complete

LinkedIn is growing in popularity, with 875 million users (Source: LinkedIn). Make sure that the profile you’re putting out there has a clear, professional photo, relevant headline, and detailed work experience. You should also be taking advantage of all the other ways to differentiate yourself – include your skills, education, interests, and information on any causes you support. Potential customers and business partners are likely finding you on LinkedIn, so you want to make sure you’re presenting yourself in the best way possible.

LinkedIn Don’t... Just Write About Your Experience

LinkedIn has really amplified how you can share your experience. Along with your written description, you can include different types of media like videos, presentations, or photos. If you can provide a link to a project or a video you’re really proud of, you differentiate yourself and what you have to offer.

Following these easy do’s and don’ts will help you make the most out of everything LinkedIn has to offer!

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