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Introducing Generation C

Introducing Generation C

Introducing Generation C

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We have all heard of the terms Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials in relation to age groups. When it comes to internet usage, each label comes with their own set of stereotypes. Sure, younger generations, the Millennials, statistically go online more, but there’s an emerging cultural movement that is breaking up preconceived notions of age as a function of online activity. Google calls them Generation C.

Who is Gen C? describes Generation C as a group of individuals who create, curate and connect online. Instead of a fixed age range like Gen X as mentioned above, "Sixty-five percent [of Gen C] are under 35, but they span the generations" (Google).

What drives them?

They are passionate responders and are fully engaged online with brands, content and communities. They are voracious consumers of YouTube videos, articles and other content; and they rapidly share, re-tweet, and pass links to friends and followers. Living and breathing the social space, 90% create their own content each month (Google). To connect with Generation C, businesses must get socially engaged and approach them as 'co-creators' and not just the average consumer.


Why is it important to connect with Gen C?

Whether their brand experience is good or bad, their words resonate (and reverberate!) online. Companies must be ready to respond. Brands will want to connect with Generation C (via content marketing) because they represent the 'early adopters' of the content. They can grow to be powerful allies who help to better explain customer purchasing habits. They can also be the medium that makes content go viral because of their social influence.

How should brands connect with Gen C?

Make no mistake, Gen C people are not passive consumers begging for clever marketing. They are creating their own videos, blogs, reviews and photos. As avid contributors to Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram, chances are Gen C folks are connecting with most brands already, but they are not necessarily finding a ‘two-way connection’. They seek engagement – content that makes them sit up and take notice. They want authentic and approachable, content that is both share-worthy and entertaining.


Generation C may just be the group of early adopters you have been looking for. Age doesn’t matter as much as finding customers who care about your online presence. Creating the right content that Generation C will subscribe to, like, follow and view will successfully connect them with your company.

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