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Vine - Say it with a Video

Vine - Say it with a Video

Vine - Say it with a Video

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Vine makes it possible for a six second video to be a powerful part of an integrated social media campaign. It can also spark creativity in those who want to use the limited format to make a powerful statement. Vine is based on the premise that a little can go a long way when it comes to communication.

What is it and how does it work?

Vine is a micro-video social network owned by Twitter. Similar to Twitter’s 140 character limit, Vine has a six second limit for video clips. Many of the top Vines use common items (like food or paper) or people in unique, creative and humorous ways. Vine is also great for real-time video sharing and marketing (think about sharing current events or sporting events, for example, and being able to do so quickly and creatively through a single app).

Vine makes it extremely easy to shoot and upload a video without leaving the mobile app. The user simply holds a finger down on the screen to shoot video and lifts it to stop recording. Editing tools are also included, meaning a user can create their entire video within just this free app. Although only six seconds long, Vine videos automatically reloop for added emphasis.

Some of the most popular Vines involve using one of these techniques -

  • Stop motion: starting and stopping the camera and making small changes to the scene to make it seem like the objects are moving.
  • Time lapse: a technique where something is filmed at a much slower rate but is played back at regular speed, making it seem that time has moved faster.
  • “Perfect loop”: creating a vine where the start and end points seem to be hidden, making it seem like the vine is never-ending, due to the automatic looping.

Along with support from Twitter, Vine has grown in popularity because it has given any user the ability to create and share a story. With each video only being six seconds, it doesn’t demand much from viewers in terms of attention span or time commitment and is very entertaining in a short amount of time.

Who uses it?

  • Vine has more than 40 million registered users (Media Bistro).
  • According to one estimate, the largest age group among Vine users is the 18-20 year olds (Statista).
  • Among teens in Canada and the United States, nearly 1 in 4 mobile internet users are also Vine users (We Are Social).

How can Vine be used for marketing?

Vine appeals to a younger demographic and can be an interesting medium for brands looking to attract a younger target market. Be warned that the content on Vine can include anything so, depending what a user is following, your Vine could be followed by a Vine with nudity, vulgarity or competing brand messaging, for example.

Here are some things to keep in mind with Vine:

  • Each Vine needs to tell a story or get a message across in just six seconds so it can sometimes help to just use visuals and music instead of text.
  • A series of Vines can be created over a specific time period for quick things like tips or reminders.
  • Vine can be used to create buzz around a new product, launch or offering. Showing followers just a couple of seconds of your new product can add to the anticipation before launch.
  • A Vine can be great to show off your product in a fun way or highlight a unique feature. Using stop motion or time lapse, along with some creativity, can make it feel like less of an advertisement.
  • Consider creating Vines that don’t even showcase your product but that simply add to your brand persona and targeting.
  • Make sure you’re incorporating humour or creativity.
  • Hashtags are popular on Vine and a great way to make your Vines more searchable.

Even if your brand isn’t on Vine, consider searching for your brand within the hashtags and see if anything comes up (are there any conversations happening around your brand that you’re not aware of?) Vine is a great way to share your brand story and connect with your audience to build a stronger brand community.

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