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4 ways to energize your digital marketing

4 ways to energize your digital marketing

4 ways to energize your digital marketing

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Many of us in digital marketing have built exciting online properties and have had a good deal of success over the last few years; however, the industry is maturing and you may be asking what you should be doing to grow your digital channels and take them to the next level. Here are 4 ways to energize your digital marketing to be at the forefront of the digital space.

Participate in the Conversation

Social media has really changed the landscape in terms of customer service. There’s a lot more to do now besides just listening to the conversation. Businesses need to create engagement and be part of the exchange of ideas, not only on social media, but in the context of forums, blogs and other relevant online communities. As a moderator in your own channels and a participant in others, you can better drive the conversation and participate in their engagement. The insights you may get from participating in the conversation will set the stage for anticipating trends, developing strategies, and addressing any harmful buzz that might spring up in these shared public spaces.

Get Mobile

If you’re not mobile already, here’s the first place to start. All studies indicate that digital channels on mobile are growing exponentially. Consumers now expect a full multi-channel experience, meaning that they are expecting as high quality an experience on phones and tablets as on desktop, and they are expecting to be able to perform many critical functions using their mobile devices. Make sure the experience is an awesome one, using adaptive design, so that the “point of sale” features are immediately available exactly when the consumer needs them.


Delve deeper into analytics

Your analytics approach may need to change. As the digital landscape becomes increasingly competitive, it’s crucial not to just be measuring success. It’s important to present results to key stakeholders at an organization, as analytics need to be used to really understand customer behaviour, to make predictions, and to guide your organization’s business decisions. Making an efficient use of your resources is of vital importance to ensure you reach the right audience at the right moment. Hopefully, it’s in their moment of need, otherwise your message may be diluted in the ocean of information contained on your website. Analytics will show you not only quantitative, but qualitative data that may help you determine your audience’s behaviour. Ultimately, you can target and re-target them and make the most out of your resources.

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Finally, Customize Your Brand Experience

Once you have the three previous points covered, then you will be able to customize your brand experience. Personalized recommendations should build customer excitement, generate familiarity with your brand or business, and even persuade customers to share your content. Going viral is not guaranteed, but growing your share of voice within earned spaces will provide a valuable level of exposure.

Adapt to the coming changes by implementing these ideas, and you will have an easier time keeping up with trends while also staying prepared to create engagement in new online conversations and embrace new mobile technologies, whatever they might be.

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