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6 Amazing YouTube Video Stats You'll Want to Read!

6 Amazing YouTube Video Stats You'll Want to Read!

6 Amazing YouTube Video Stats You'll Want to Read!

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We already know that video is one way to engage users and keep them on your site. Even so, you'll be amazed by the 6 stats below... and start to think about where you can take advantage of this incredible medium.

Almost 2.5 Billion Users Visit YouTube Each Month

With almost 2.5 billion unique users on YouTube each month, it's not difficult to make a business case for why video should be part of a business's marketing plan. If you're not creating video content and posting it to YouTube, you are passing up on an opportunity to reach millions of potential customers (Source: Statista).

Every Single Minute 500 Hours Of Video Are Uploaded To YouTube

This amounts to about 720,000 hours of new content every day! With so much content just a click away, how does one stand out? It's not enough just to be on YouTube, your video content needs to be engaging and compelling. Think about the best way to tell your story in a visual way and be smart about the type of video you are creating in terms of what will be most engaging and beneficial to users (Source: Statista).

40.9% Of YouTube's Global Watch Time Is On Mobile Devices

Everyone has a busy life, so it should be no surprise that so many people choose to access YouTube on their mobile phone or tablet while on-the-go. Consider this when you create content and make sure that it is mobile friendly, especially when it includes video (Source: Insider Intelligence).


More Than a Third of YouTube's Audience Is Aged 18-34

The 18-34 demographic is not one to be ignored! Specifically in the financial world, this younger demographic represents those who are making major purchases as they establish themselves in their careers. Companies who don't have a presence, or at a minimum some content on YouTube, are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach this demographic (Source: DataReportal).

70% of People Have Purchased from a Brand After Seeing It On YouTube

Clearly, video has become an integral part of consumers' purchasing habits (Source: Think With Google). By creating video content promoting your products and services or by sponsoring other creators' content, you could unlock endless marketing possibilities and enhance brand awareness and goodwill from potential customers across a whole new platform.

Only 54% of Marketers Use YouTube in Their Advertising

Although YouTube is currently the second most popular social network in the world, only 54% of marketers take advantage of this video giant in their marketing (Source: Statista). Think of all the potential customers you could reach by joining their ranks!

There is no denying the power of video and YouTube as a medium for sharing it. Video as a marketing tool engages users and keeps them on your site for longer. And now we know the power YouTube has as a social media channel - combine the two and you have a winning combination!
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