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How Can Pharma Marketing Use Personalized Dynamic Video?

How Can Pharma Marketing Use Personalized Dynamic Video?

How Can Pharma Marketing Use Personalized Dynamic Video?

How Can Pharma Marketing Use Personalized Dynamic Video?

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What is personalized video?

Personalized video (also called dynamic video) looks and plays like a regular video, but can be changed and updated on the fly. A simple example is a video that greets you with your own name – normally, you’d have to make thousands of separate videos to make this happen, but with personalized video, just one will do. Personalized video can change its text dynamically, can reshuffle the order of its scenes dynamically, even draw bar graphs to match clinical trial result data.

This is exciting technology. Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%. With personalized videos, you can reap all the marketing benefits of video, with the added benefits of personalization. In general, transaction rates for personalized emails are six times higher than non-personalized, while personalized online experiences yield, on average, a 19% increase in sales.

So then, how can pharma marketing use personalized video?

Clinical trial videos

Making a short video to explain recent research to physicians is impressive, but videos that can change for each viewer are next level. Think: videos that grab physicians’ attention by displaying their name, specialization, and the contact information of the rep of your choice, without you having to make a new video each time. Dynamic videos can also show only particular sections of themselves, or change the order of sections. If your medication has multiple uses, this is a great way to emphasize the indications (and side effects) that are relevant to a particular physician, and skip over those that aren’t. Since you’re likely to only get a few minutes of a physician’s time, personalized video can help make those minutes count.

Medical explainer videos

Personalized videos can help patients understand their disease, diagnosis, and treatment options. You can make a one-size-fits-all video explanation, then only show the relevant portions to the patient, so as not to overwhelm them with information. If treatment changes with the patient’s age or gender (or any other trait), then it can emphasize these changes, and the video imagery can be altered to reflect them. Video personalization can deliver credible content that’s relevant and accurate while still including all necessary regulatory disclaimers.


With doctors taking fewer pharma rep visits and preferring emailed content, personalized videos can be a great way to augment your e-detailing and keep healthcare providers up to date on clinical trial results, new medications, new products – anything! If you offer a range of medications, you can produce one video or interactive diagram compiling information on all the trials a health care provider has expressed interest in, or that are relevant to their specialization or practice. One video, one click, one convenient update, and one very efficient sales force. It’s the next step in e-detailing.

Decision aids

Personalized videos can help guide any decision you can think of – course of treatment, product selection, and beyond. They can work like an animated questionnaire – play a portion of the video, prompt the user to choose from a range of options, then continue with the appropriate section of the video. Like a flowchart come to life, personalized videos can streamline the decision-making process, making physicians’ lives easier, facilitating successful meetings with pharma reps, and making automated email follow-ups easier.

Sales representative training

Personalized videos are great for educating your own team as well! Reorder videos to emphasize sections that new hires need most, or to skip sections in which they’re already experts. Plus, personalized videos can have clickable buttons embedded within them, so viewers can click to learn more at particular points in playback – perfect for giving them a broad video overview that helps them drill down to specifics whenever they need to.

These are just a few examples – and only the tip of the iceberg, at that. There are plenty more: infographics that let you zoom in, interact, and learn more; analytics-enabled content for CRM platforms like Salesforce; and more.

Personalized video’s many uses are just beginning to be discovered and seized on by digital marketers – and for pharmaceutical digital marketing, they’re undiscovered territory. Rich Media has been a pioneer in mobile-friendly personalized video – if you have an idea, we can help make it a reality.

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