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Leap Motion Controller

How the Leap Motion Controller could change the world

How the Leap Motion Controller could change the world

How the Leap Motion Controller could change the world

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What Is It

The Leap Motion Controller is a small, inexpensive device that allows your computer to respond to hand gestures like pointing, waving, reaching and grabbing. It is kept face up on your desk, ideally between you and the computer, right in front of the keyboard. The device is so small and sleek, being only 3 inches long, that it will in no way disrupt your workspace.

The device senses your hand and finger movements, allowing you to control the screen without moving your mouse, tapping on your keyboard, or even touching your screen. According to its manufacturer Leap Motion, the device is so precise it can track hand movement up to 1/100th of a millimetre.

Leap works alongside your computer's mouse, keyboard, or stylus rather than replacing these devices. To use it, just plug the device into your computer and run the Leap software. Then, sit back and experience the ‘virtual touch screen’ that Leap creates for you.

What Makes It Awesome?

The Leap Motion Controller is awesome because it allows you to use your computer in an entirely new way. It enhances human-computer interaction by converting your hand into a cyborg-like tool and seamlessly integrating your natural hand gestures within your computer’s environment.

You can browse the web, flip through photos, paint, sculpt, play music, or even steer a car in a racing game, all by using simple hand movements. Wave your hand to turn pages, click on an icon just by pointing, and play a game without any controllers. Leap makes all this possible without any physical link between your hand and the screen. The Leap Motion Controller has a sensory range of up to 8 cubic feet. This creates a much larger playground for your hands and fingers to move around and explore.

Leap is made particularly appealing by its low price point: it costs less than $100! That’s a lot of bang for your buck. And on top of that, Leap is already going mainstream. Both Asus and HP have embedded the Leap technology into some of their computers. Leap Motion’s ultimate goal is to eventually build this technology into smaller devices like tablets and smartphones.

How Will It Change The World?

The Leap technology is already changing the computer landscape, yet it has the potential for so much more because of its focus on human-computer interaction. Leap’s reactions to hand movements are so precise that users feel like they are actually able to reach into the screen and enter a virtual environment. The device also gives users the power to interact with virtual reality (VR) hardware such as the Oculus Rift (a VR headset used for 3D gaming). The device can be mounted directly on the front of the headset and allows you interact with objects you see in the virtual reality environment.

As the Leap Motion Controller develops further, it has the potential to add remote capabilities in various fields such as healthcare and engineering. For example, remote surgery and tele-robotics could be made possible with a more mature version of this device. The Leap Motion Controller has opened the door to a much more robust virtual world that is now literally at your fingertips.

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