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A Quick Online Tools Health Check

A Quick Online Tools Health Check

A Quick Online Tools Health Check

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We all know that online tools are one of the highest hit places on your site and provide some of the best engagement and opportunities for lead generation. So why do so many of us post our tools and forget about them? We've put together a quick "Online Tools Health Check" that will help you assess your existing online tools and identify the areas that could be improved.

Are Your Tools Mobile Friendly?

As of January 2023, 45.49% of web traffic in the United States was mobile (Source: Statista). If your tools aren’t available or optimized for devices, you're likely upsetting a sizable portion of your client base and potentially losing a lot of business.

Do You Have Widget Versions Of Your Tools For Content Marketing?

Tools dramatically increase engagement and lead generation. Leveraging existing tools into simpler widgets is an easy way to increase your return on investment (ROI) across all future content marketing initiatives.

Is Your Tool Visual?

Images and graphics are a must when it comes to any form of online content, including digital tools. For instance, icons make tools easier to use and provide a visual roadmap for users to follow. In addition, pictures of people make a tool friendlier, more memorable and more personal, and allow you to target key demographics and life-stages. Last but not least, graphs and infographics provide a quick and easy way to understand even the most complex data.

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Do Your Tools Include Video?

Video increases not only time spent on a page, but also social sharing, search engine optimization (SEO) and user engagement. By including clear visual stories, you can help your users understand complex topics and benefit from your tools to the fullest.

Are Your Tools Accessible?

Accessibility is no longer just a nice thing to do, and you may face legal ramifications if you put off making your tools accessible. Many governments have started passing laws to make online accessibility mandatory, notably through the integration of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in both public and private sectors. Countries with web accessibility legislations now include Australia, Canada, Japan, the United States, and many more! (Source: CommonLook). This means that all your new tools need to be compatible with screen readers, have appropriate colour contrast ratios, and meet all of the other requirements of WCAG 2.0.

Do You Have An Advisor/Rep Version Of The Tool?

Leverage your tools for your advisor or sales team. Provide customizable print reports with your advisor's contact information and help gain acceptance by providing advanced features or additional training for these “power users.”

As a bonus, consider dressing up your tools with live feeds, rates, fun facts, helpful tips, custom print reports and export functionality. And don't forget to make your online tools sharable with social links to boost their usage for even more clicks and views!

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