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Rich Media Coffee Selector

Rich Media Coffee Selector

Rich Media Coffee Selector

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At Rich Media, we’re big fans of many things, but two of our biggest passions are interactive digital experiences and coffee. We couldn’t help but notice that our favourite experiences with both have something in common: customization.

Every coffee shop lets you customize your coffee, because they know that you know what’s right for you. If Starbucks only sold medium-sized coffees with two milk and two sugars, they’d still do pretty well – but they’d lose everyone who couldn’t have dairy, or who didn’t want that much (or that little) coffee, or who wanted a latte, or an iced cap, and so on. By making the effort to let the customer decide, they open their doors to more customers, each of them happier with their order – and more likely to return.

A good digital experience is similarly customized. Interactive tools and dynamic videos let users tell you what they’re interested in – which particular products, what exact values, and more. Rather than offering a static, one-size-fits-all site that isn’t always relevant, why not take a page from the wonderful book of coffee and build a co-creative tool?

We were so inspired by this revelation – and so energized by coffee – that we made a little coffee selector to celebrate the personalized touches of coffee and interactive digital. Choose your perfect coffee, and enjoy a dynamic video built just the way you’d like it. Enjoy!

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