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What Makes a Good Infographic

What Makes a Good Infographic

What Makes a Good Infographic

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Wondering what makes an awesome infographic? Luckily, we've created an infographic on just that! Check it out and you'll be on your way to creating something that stands out from the crowd and gets your message across!

What Makes a Good Infographic

Solid Foundation

Source relevant data

Use dependable sources

Fact check

Accurate date is crucial to building a trustworthy infographic.

Intelligent Design

Use simple visuals to represent your data

Choose a central theme and stick with it

Keep it clean and simple

Restrict your colour palette to 3 colours

Convey the message at a glance

We can get the sense of visual scene in less than one tenth of a second

Share the Love

Graphics should tell a story

Without a unified story it’s just raw data

What clever message or helpful solution can you provide?

Answer an intriguing question!

If it’s interesting and entertaining people will share it!


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