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4 Amazing Types of Animated Video You Should be Using and Why

4 Amazing Types of Animated Video You Should be Using and Why

4 Amazing Types of Animated Video You Should be Using and Why

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Animation is engaging, shareable and inclusive, but often underutilised – there are so many different styles of animation that can meet so many different needs. Here are 4 common types of animated video for you to think about using.

Show it with an Infographic

infographic poster graphic

Infographics are visual representations of complex information, helping to provide that information in a clearer and easier to follow way. Infographics are great for statistically based information and can help turn complicated topics into something more fun. While being educational, these are also very shareable and are popular across industries and social networks. Infographics are usually symbol or icon based, making them simple to understand and easy to follow.


Say it with Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography graphic

Animated videos using kinetic typography are made up of moving text. This type of animation is great for statistics or presenting facts. Many times, kinetic typography is used when a topic doesn’t lend itself to a graphic (something very serious, for example). Also, kinetic typography is used when the focus should really be on the words being presented (for things like stories, definitions, an engaging talk, or quotes). One benefit of kinetic typography is that it normally takes less time to create and requires fewer approval points because it’s mainly text based.

TIP: Make sure the background music track and voiceover are both strong to give an extra meta message to the words on screen!

Draw it with a Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard drawing graphic

Whiteboard videos are exactly what they sound like – a hand sketches out different images on a whiteboard to tell a progressing story. A whiteboard video can be sketched on using different styles – sometimes an actual whiteboard is the background but it can also be done on a variety of backdrops likes a chalkboard, notepad or even sticky notes. Whiteboard videos are fun and are a great way to illustrate abstract ideas. This type of animation is also memorable and can give users the feeling that they are being led through a progression and being taught, making them useful for instructional videos. Another great thing about whiteboard videos is that they create a human connection (through the drawing hand) without the need to cast actual actors, helping to save time and money.

Act it out with Character Animation

Character Animation graphic

A character animation is a style of video that is similar to an animated television show – there are usually multiple characters, detailed scenery and a more complex story being shared. This style of animation is the most engaging but also the most expensive because of the level of detail that has to be created and animated. Character animation is a great way to share personal stories, stories with strong emotion or ones where more depth is needed. Using a mascot or host is popular within character animation, helping personify the brand and make it more approachable.

TIP: Adding sound effects and different voiceovers can really add a lot of impact to character animations!

The next time you’re thinking about video, make sure you use one of these awesome approaches to animation!

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