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3 Content Marketing Ideas That We Tend To Forget

3 Content Marketing Ideas That We Tend To Forget

3 Content Marketing Ideas That We Tend To Forget

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As marketers, sometimes the new thing in social media grabs our attention and we forget more obvious and more impactful means of delivering the message. Headlines, animated gifs and sound bites have been getting a lot of attention, but behind the scenes longer form content has been getting some eye-popping engagement and social sharing.

In the wash of internet information, content is still king and getting the recognition as a source of real substance is a keen way to boost your views. It all comes down to making content worth consuming. Here are three formats that we tend to forget that really deliver:


Long-form Articles

When a customer is interested in a topic, they will take the time to consume it. Time happens whether we are waiting for a subway car or taking a break at lunch. This in-between time is perfect for pouring over an article 3-4+ pages in length. During our hectic days there are frequent breaks that allow for us to pause and read something deep and worthwhile. Current customers and potential customers are hungry for understanding product benefits thoroughly. Real world examples of customized solutions, explanations of strategies, case studies and research statistics all help lend content to such a long-form article.

Infographic Videos

Tell a story through a dynamic animation mixed with statistics. It's as stark as the difference between a comic strip and comic book movie. Use animation, video or 3D graphics to boost curb appeal and cause frequent stops, in the form of revisits. Use research from marketing and corporate studies, common customer stories and tried and true solutions as starting points to build an infographic extravaganza.

Thought Leadership Blogs

People are interested in what leaders have to say. It's important for customers and employees to hear the views, expertise and vision of management on a regular basis. Blogs aren't exclusive to the executive, they can be a great way of providing a preview of coming attractions from a wide variety of departments from key product specialists or those who might be deemed as 'evangelists'. They can also provide a forum to extend discussion about the brand, a new product or even bolster support of a sponsored community event. For those busy managers or executives, blogs can be set up in "interview style" for those wary of penning a frequent blog.

Show your depth of knowledge and expertise by exploiting these longer format approaches. Quick bites of information are cool and succinct and they have their place, but wisdom is deeper than sound snippets and articles, videos and blogs with depth will get the views they deserve.

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